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Alabaster and Bronze Dore L'Assiette – A Work of Art by Maison Giroux
An introduction to this object and it's maker, Maison Giroux. Founded in 1799 by Francis Simon Alphonse Giroux, cabinetmaker and official restorer of Notre Dame, “Maison Alphonse Giroux” also known as “Giroux & Cie” specialized in producing ornate objects d’art and technically sophisticated furniture.

Exotic Materials in the Decorative Arts: Keys to the Identification of Ivory
A practical guide to identifying authentic ivory through observational techniques as an introduction to this nuanced study." An abridged version of this article was featured in the "Guest Speaker" section of California Homes Magazine, November/December issue, pg. 38-39. Click here to view the published version.

European Periods and Styles of Decorative Arts
How to sort out the myriad of styles and periods in European Antiques. Includes reference chart.

Boulle Marquetry
Information about the art of applying decorative surface veneers onto solid wood. With photos.

French Antiques: Monarchs, Periods and Styles of Decorative Arts
A guide for identifying the periods or styles of French antiques.

Quick Reference: Terminology for some materials in French and English
Covers wood, metals and other materials.