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Architectural Elements: Boiseries & Fragments: Inventory Code 030-024-2
A Companion Pair of Fantastic Gothic Limestone Gargoyles
Architectural Elements

Boiseries & Fragments (3)
Columns & Pilasters (1)
Doors & Gates (1)


The unusual pair from a collection of four gargoyles (see also 030-023-2); each used as a rain spout for gutters on a chateau or cathedral; with distorted appearance combining mischievousness and embellishment; now mounted on contemporary metal museum mounts with rich patina. Very good condition.
Provenance:Alain D'Amato, Nice, France
16th Century gothic gargoyles - Haute Epoque, limestone

ORIGINS: 16th Century, France
DIMENSIONS: 12"H x 9"W x 15"D
INQUIRIES: 415.425.0244,
PRICE: $7,500.00
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