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Fine Arts: Paintings: Inventory Code 001-243
"Evening Serenade" by Pompeo massani
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"Evening Serenede" by Pompeo Massani (Italian, 1850-1920)Signed and inscribed upper right: P. Massani FirenzeOil on canvas in an ornate gilt and gessoed 19th century frame
Massai, along with his peer, Eugenio Zampighi, was one of the most popular and successful genre painters of his generation establishing a niche for himself with his lighthearted an often sentimental painting of Italian paisonos who more often than not are depicted at leisure.
Although his images are invariably an idealization of everyday life among the Italian working classes they have remained enduringly popular, perhaps because they encapsulate a vision of the happiness that is supposedly engendered by a simple life led close to the earth. Much of the charm of this painting lies in the inference that after many years of married life and growing old together, this couple are still as much each other's 'true love' as they were the day they met.Provenance: Bustamante Antiques Fair, San Francisco, CA

ORIGINS: c. 1880
DIMENSIONS: Canvas size: 10" x 14" Framed: 21" x 24.5"
INQUIRIES: 415.425.0244,
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