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Fine Arts: Paintings: Inventory Code 001-242
"Blossoms" by Narcisse Virgil Diaz de La Pena
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"Blossoms" by Narcisse Virgil Diaz De La Pena of the Barbazon School (France, 1807-1876). Exhibited: Irish International Exhibition, 1907. Diaz de la Pena, one of the best known artists of the French Barbizon School, was self-taught - a testament to his great talent. In 1836 he befriended Jean Jacques Rousseau, the 'father' of the Barbizon school and he moved from his native Bordeaux to a farmhouse just outside the village of Barbizon where he spent most of his life painting.
Diaz de la Pena's works can be seen in numerous European public collections including Leeds City Art Gallery, England, The National Gallery of Scotland, Edinburgh, the Glasgow Art Gallery, Scotland, and the Antwerp Museum in Belgium.
Provenance: Galerie Chalvin, Lyon, France

DIMENSIONS: 16" H x 12.75" W
INQUIRIES: 415.425.0244,
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