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Objets D'Art: Sculpture & Bas Relief: Inventory Code 015-002
A Gilt Copper Repousse Torso of a Buddhist Monk
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The Tibetan gilt copper repousse torso of a Buddhist monk; wearing the traditional Kesa robe; consisting of cloth patches sewn together in a block pattern; originally constructed of discarded rags; later of silk as indicated by the incised motifs of scrolling lotus, pomegranate and cloud motifs; the whole raised on a contemporary stand. Very good condition.
Provenance:Brandt Oriental Art, Los Angeles Antique Show 2005

ORIGINS: 18th Century, Far East
DIMENSIONS: 24"H x 19"W x 10.5"D
INQUIRIES: 415.425.0244,
PRICE: $16,000.00
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